Justin Clumpner

Artist Bio

Justin Clumpner is a Dallas-based artist originally from Chicago. Working primarily in paint and collage, he depicts symbolic narratives built around portraiture. Using newspaper and advertisements as source material, Clumpner looks to our contemporary existence to find the maddening, the ironic, and the absurd. He uses this imagery to create secular icons of morality inspired by the stained glass windows and illuminated manuscripts that were ever-present in his upbringing. Using these same symbolic elements mixed with contemporary imagery, he creates something both new and familiar. Justin Clumpner holds degrees from the Savannah College of Art and Design and the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a master’s degree from Texas Tech. His work can currently be seen at the Kettle Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

Selected Works

Icon of the Sea

Acrylic on Canvas, w36 x h48 in

Self-portrait in the form of a monument to Saint Augustine of Hippo

Acrylic and assemblage,  w48 x d54 x h120 in

Icon with Mountain

Oil on panel, w18 x h24 in


Oil and collage on panel, w18 x h24 in



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